I press "6" then "9" then "CLEAR" on my TiVo remote and voila. I get a list of all the women who appeared nude in the currently playing program, as well as the cliptimes that the appearances occur at!

This is an early Demi Moore movie, before she was firm and large breasted:

Here's an example of a movie with *lots* of Nudity:

Here you can see just how accurate the timeline is with the reported Clip Time(Usually I just add about 2 minutes - it comes down to how much "junk/psuedo ads" appear before the movie starts)

Unrelated, I installed autospace and I see this now:

Also unrelated, I installed a TiVoWebPlus module (and made some modifications). My Favourite Channels include the pay channels I receive: HBO(s), ShowTime(s), The Movie Channel(s), Sundance, Flix, IFC. I added the "UnReviewed" Filter - when set it filters out shows that I've *explicitly* given a thumb rating to (either up or down) - this way I only get a list of shows I've never seen before. I also added the, self explanatory, Category (Movies) filter. And for some reason "RP" and "SC" were missing from the original code - maybe they don't have those in the UK where this was written. I also added an optional secondary code.
Now look what I can search for: